Partner Livestream: A Guide to Doing Your First Deal in Europe vs Asia

There's no doubt that the tech industry is booming. But when you're ripe to bring your tech scale-up abroad, where should you heard first: Europe or Asia? Sure, our biases are in our names, but we were happy to host this animated discussion with our partners Asia Market Entry and Globalization Partners. It turns out that there are hot spots on both continents for different verticals, but from there things widely differ in terms of country, culture, and market. We make the case for Asia versus Europe for your next international launchpad, as well as discuss what you need to know ahead and who to partner with to find success.

This hour-long deep dive helps you answer:
- If you were looking to move abroad, should you go to Asia or Europe or both first? Any particular countries that are really eager for tech sales? Why should you consider one place or another? What are the benefits in expanding to a particular location?
- Are there certain technical verticals that do better in certain countries?
- How does location and brand awareness factor into your globalization strategy?
- Where are sales happening in the respective countries or regions? What tools or social media etc are being used to create brand awareness?
- What are share some of the major cultural differences of doing business in Europe and Asia that companies must be aware of?
- When planning where to go to another country, how do local partners factor in?
and more!

Full Video Transcript: