Expanding the Business of Your Open Source Company

We invite you to watch the recording of the panel, "Scaling Open Source Businesses: Strategies and Success Stories," from State of Open Con 2024, featuring:

  • Gavin Page: CRO, Sales Force Europe
  • Emily Omier: Host, The Business of Open Source podcast
  • Alexis Richardson: Founder, WeaveWorks
  • Jennifer Riggins: CMO, Sales Force Europe & Tech Culture Journalist

In this engaging session, the panel dives deep into:

  • Unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses built on open source.
  • Real-life stories and insights from successful open-source companies.
  • Effective methods for balancing community contributions and commercial growth.
  • What aspects of traditional startup expansion plans apply to open source businesses and when alternative approaches are needed.

Gain valuable knowledge on navigating the exciting world of open source business development!

Full Video Transcript: