Partner Livestream: How to Scale Globally Without Sinking

Are you ready to take your tech company abroad? Global expansion can't be done piecemeal. Your international expansion strategy takes looking back to understand your future. It’s time companies prepare for a new phase of globalization, in which advanced, long-term strategic practices are required to thrive at the global level.

Sales Force Europe was invited to join Pangeo 2021: The World's Largest Global Employment Conference given by our partner Globalization Partners. In this recorded livestream, join our CEO Rick Pizzoli and Dhaval Gore, Head of Mayor's International Business Programme at London & Partners, moderated by GP's VP of Revenue Jess Dodge.

Log in and learn:
- The benefits and challenges of going global.
- How to build a successful international go-to-market strategy.
- The most common pitfalls while scaling globally, and how to navigate them.

In order to watch this video, you have to sign up for the very valuable Pangeo's on-demand video page and check out the EMEA track. Rick was proud to join a roster that includes Richard Branson, Daymond John, Safi Bahcall, Kathleen Kennedy, and many more speakers — check them all out!

Full Video Transcript: