How to Scale Your Startup Beyond Founder-led Sales

A founder thrives on a mix of expertise and passion, which leads to high conversion rates. Founder-led sales is a must for your first customers and first investors. These conversations are the key to unlocking your USP and to nurturing those first brand advocates. Plus, that rapid feedback cycle helps you zero in on your ideal customer profile (ICP).

But it’s not enough when you’re ready to expand past your network, and especially if you want to reach new markets and verticals. It’s a leap to go from winning early deals to addressing the broader market and growing the organization. Simply adding bodies to your team and expecting growth doesn’t work over time.

In this live conversation — bring your questions! — we talk to those who have successfully helped hundreds of startups scale out past that founder sales cycle.

We explain how to:
- Identify your ICP
- Strategize for expanding to new verticals and markets
- Build systems and team-based processes
- Build and manage international teams to deliver your international strategy
- Design a cohesive funnel strategy where inbound marketing synchronizes with lead generation and channel marketing all the way down to your active sales pipeline
- Become data-centric give up some of that control over the whole process!

Listen to this conversation between our CEO Rick Pizzoli and our strategic partner Greg Dunne of SFE Partners. Watch this webcast on BrightTalk.

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