The Tech Skills Shortage Myth – How to Find Top Global Talent

In today’s rapidly evolving digital and remote landscape, the demand for tech talent continues to increase.  This is especially true as the demand continues for hiring sales representatives that understand deep tech. Companies that understand their tech talent needs and know how to source highly skilled people from an international talent pool have a clear competitive advantage. With the increase in complexity of IT-related systems and the emergence of new technologies, how can companies find the best person for the job? Is the tech skills shortage actually a myth? How can companies expand into new international markets safely and compliantly?

Get your answers by joining Jennifer McGuire, Partner Marketing Manager at Globalization Partners along with Rick Pizzoli, CEO Sales Force Europe, for this LinkedIn live event on “The Tech Skills Shortage Myth – How to Find Top Global Talent in 2022”, moderated by Jennifer Riggins.

Jennifer and Rick will discuss how the tech skills shortage extends beyond just technical roles, but those essential supporting ones including sales, marketing, and customer success as well. And how you can apply the right people, processes and processes to close that gap, overcome obstacles, and beat your competition, especially in new markets.

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