14 Startups to Watch in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, change is the driving force. A new era of groundbreaking developments places the pioneers of tech startups firmly in control. Who are the visionary thinkers and digital trailblazers ushering in cutting-edge technologies for the future? Again, we highlight these innovators and disruptors in this year’s list of 14 startups to watch in 2024.


Another one to watch this year is Zinier. Informed by a profound comprehension of the realm of deskless workers, Zinier skillfully designs industry-tailored workflows that allow their customers to maintain comprehensive control over their installation and maintenance processes. Their international clientele experiences heightened productivity, increased revenues, and reduced ownership costs through the convergence of work orders, assets, inventory, capacity, resources, schedules, and customer data. According to Zinier, integration, facilitated by AI-driven automation and analytics within their interconnected cloud platform, proves instrumental in achieving operational efficiency and business success.

Back in 2022, Zinier was selected as the Preferred Supplier for Field Service Management Solutions by Virgin Media O2, and with offices in Silicon Valley, Europe and India, this global startup is certainly looking to revolutionize 2024.


This UK company is the first in the world to mass produce graphene-based electronic devices using standard semiconductor processes.

What sets Paragraf apart is its revolutionary approach to graphene-based technology, a material renowned for its extraordinary electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties. Founded in 2017, the startup has harnessed the unique capabilities of graphene to create cutting-edge electronic components, enabling unprecedented advancements in various industries, from electronics to healthcare. Paragraf's commitment to harnessing the full potential of graphene opens up avenues for highly efficient and compact devices, paving the way for transformative breakthroughs. This innovative use of graphene positions Paragraf as a disruptive player, redefining the possibilities within the materials science landscape and sparking excitement for the future of technology. Even writers at The Guardian think this “supermaterial” will change the world, and given that Paragraf has already attracted over £70 million in funding and plans to list on the stock market in the coming years, we think it could too, which is why they’re on our list of startups to watch in 2024.

Nano-Tech SpA

Nano-Tech SpA specializes in applying nanotechnology to advanced materials, offering innovative solutions to industry leaders seeking to surpass the limitations of current technologies. Nano-Tech envisions a future enhanced by smarter, greener, and stronger materials, and they are dedicated to pushing technological boundaries in the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as other compelling applications in the energy sector, construction, and nautical and sporting goods — anywhere extreme temperatures can make or break success. They are well on their way to dominating the PrePreg or Pre-impregnation of fiber market.

The Nano-Tech team was just accepted into the European Innovation Council’s Accelerator, which is extremely remarkable for an Italian company, bringing a €2.5 million grant. But then again they’ve supplied eight out of 10 Formula-1 teams and are presenting to all the leaders in aerospace like NASA and Boeing, so it’s no surprise they are a startup that continues to stand out by providing high-quality nanotechnological materials.

Trindent Consulting

We all need to do more with what we have. As an exceptional technical augmentation firm, Trindent has carved its niche in the business consulting market with its innovative and results-driven approach to revolutionizing revenue in the energy industry. Like us, they truly believe in the success of specialization, which is why they’ve chosen to focus on the refining industry, where they’ve left their mark on four continents, working with the likes of BP, Chevron, and Suncor, and even was chosen as Marathon’s supplier of the year. As they help you focus on margin improvement with no capital investment, Trindent's innovative methodologies blend data analytics, process redesign, and technology integration, offering clients a holistic and forward-thinking approach to problem-solving. The excitement surrounding Trindent stems from its proven track record of driving significant improvements in operational performance, cost reduction, and overall business strategy.

In 2022, they ranked on the Financial Times’ List for the Americas' Fastest-Growing Companies, and their success continues into 2024, putting them high on our radar for startups to watch this year.

Loop Earplugs

Loop Earplugs emerges as a pioneering startup, introducing a revolutionary approach to hearing protection that transcends traditional norms. Back in June 2021 their startup team consisted of just six people, but they've since hired around 160 more! What sets Loop apart is its commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to create a truly innovative ear protection solution. The scaleup offers a unique blend of comfort and effectiveness, with its customizable earplugs that adapt to individual ear shapes for an unparalleled fit. 

The earplugs have been created to seamlessly integrate modern technology with a practical and stylish design, making hearing protection both accessible and appealing. In a market where innovation meets necessity, Loop stands out for redefining the way individuals perceive and prioritize their auditory well-being. While the product was initially designed with festival goers and musicians in mind, they now market themselves towards those with sleeping problems, sensory processing issues, motorcyclists and more. They are a favorite among corporate gifts! With considerable organic growth since they’re started, it's clear they’re not one to ignore on your 2024 radar.


GetResponse is another on our radar this year. They operate in the digital marketing landscape and are celebrated for their innovative and comprehensive approach to online campaign management. What sets GetResponse apart is its all-in-one platform, offering an array of tools such as email marketing, automation, and landing page creation to streamline and elevate marketing efforts. With a user-friendly interface and a robust set of features, they empower businesses to engage with their audience effectively. According to their website, their paid plan clients have a 100% average list growth the first 30 days. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their consistent updates and enhancements, ensuring they remain at the forefront of digital marketing and lead generation trends. The excitement surrounding GetResponse lies in its ability to not only meet but anticipate the evolving needs of marketers, making it a go-to solution for companies seeking a dynamic and effective online marketing partner.


Knowtrex has been taking an innovative and transformative approach to a more data-insightful automotive sector since 2015. Especially in these complex times, they help automotive companies generate more business at higher margins through closing the uncertainty gap. Their market intelligence solutions are driven by artificial intelligence and offer instantaneous access to realtime information on competitive trends and product performance across diverse markets. With a single click, users can obtain dependable insights into both their product and their competitors' performance. Knowtrex facilitates a comprehensive understanding of automotive supply and demand trends through its flexible product, providing ready-to-use analyses and downloadable Excel sheets, or direct access to raw data. This streamlined approach empowers clients to bypass manual efforts, enabling them to make informed and reliable decisions based on the latest data. They pride themselves on being trustworthy and reliable – something which is crucial in the German market — Europe’s undeniable automotive powerhouse — where they operate. Things don’t seem to be slowing down for Knowtrex, so we think it’s one to continue to watch this year as it continues to scale!

Port Blue Sky

This impressive Berlin digital product development agency has captivated attention in the European technology market, backed by experienced founders. With a focus on filling the more senior gaps at tech-foward companies — like senior developers, architects and CTOs — Port Blue Sky helps you accelerate and scale your application development projects. It's been milestone after milestone for Port Blue Sky including the creation of a real-time ad server capable of handling billions of daily requests and analyzing terabytes of data, as well as the establishment of a fleet of frontend microservices for one of Germany's largest entertainment conglomerates. Additionally, the team has ventured into blockchain technology, constructing decentralized Ethereum services. This team also emphasizes customer-centric UX design, evident in their award-winning B2B Big Data real estate visualization product, which has been recognized by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. Port Blue Sky takes pride in leading Innovation and Business Design workshops, and in collaborating with clients on groundbreaking products and services, including contributions to the intrapreneurship program of a global banking giant. They host the largest Node.JS developer meetup group and sponsor the inaugural Node.JS conference, making them one to certainly continue to watch in 2024!

Perform IT

For nearly two decades, Perform IT’s suite of observability and security tooling has been dedicated to assisting businesses in attaining their organizational transformation goals. They utilize cutting-edge technology combined with a team of highly skilled technologists to collaborate closely with their clients and provide tailored solutions that align precisely with their unique requirements. Covering applications, cloud, networking, security and support, we think they’re one to watch because of their commitment to helping their customers fully achieve their business objectives from start to finish, unlike some IT providers who may deliver, but then walk away. It's also clear that with an increase in cyber attacks, the need for Perform IT’s security services won't be going anywhere any time soon. The business has office locations across Europe and the UAE, and it looks like they’ll continue to disrupt the market this year!

Sustainability Master

Maistering — the folks behind environmental, sustainability, and governance aka ESG automation Sustainability Master courses — prides itself in being the inaugural and sole digital platform designed to enhance the agility of their client’s business. At the core of their model are better business journeys — marked by increased orchestration, human involvement, data collection automation, and a reduction in the number of applications you need to keep checking. Their revolutionary AI-infused platform, Master Collections, serves as a game-changer, supporting leaders (“Masters”) and your teams in orchestrating business processes with enhanced speed and impact. By streamlining strategic initiatives and automating daily activities, this cloud-based, data-driven, and AI-powered solution empowers leaders and teams for success.

Their users can experience seamless, end-to-end execution of organization transformations, with real-time streaming of data and decisions. It is fully integrated with Microsoft's enterprise ecosystem, including Azure Cloud, D365, MS365, PowerBI, Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook, to ensure comprehensive connectivity. With the ability to configure everything within a week and to set up in 100 days — just in time to comply with upcoming EU ESG regulations — this platform offers full support for a seamless business transformation.

In March 2023 they announced a strategic engagement with BridgeWhat growth-as-a-service platform. This exciting partnership could lead to bigger and better things this year, which is why they’re taking a spot on our watch list!

Jump Technology

Next on our list is French scaleup Jump Technology which is positioned at the forefront of fintech innovation. What sets Jump Technology apart is its relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions in the realm of investment management and risk analytics. They excel in delivering comprehensive and agile software solutions that empower financial professionals to navigate complex markets with unparalleled precision. Jump Technology's platform seamlessly integrates advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, offering predictive analytics and real-time insights. This commitment to staying ahead of the game is reflected in this fintech platform's adaptability to evolving market dynamics.


Mitigram is a pioneering startup in the realm of global trade finance, showcasing innovation and foresight in its approach. What makes Mitigram particularly exciting is its revolutionary platform that redefines how businesses engage in international trade. The startup facilitates seamless communication and collaboration between corporates and financial institutions, streamlining complex processes and reducing transactional risks. Mitigram's platform leverages cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to provide real-time visibility into global trade transactions, enhancing efficiency and transparency. Notably, Mitigram has achieved significant milestones, boasting a substantial increase in the number of users and successfully facilitating multi-billion-dollar trade transactions.

Last year the company bagged significant funding from investors who were impressed by their ambitious growth plan and innovative business model. This Fintech stands as a trailblazer in the intersection of financial technology and international commerce, with plans this year to improve their SaaS offering.

Objective Group

And last, but certainly by no means least, the final entry for your 2024 startups to watch list is digital transformation leader Objective Group. Objective Group delivers customized, holistic solutions meticulously tailored to align with their client’s distinct business objectives. As a Brazilian multinational, Objective was established by a collective of developer friends who share a unified vision of influencing the trajectory of organizations through the synergy of technology and people. And that they do! 

The company specializes in crafting and sustaining digital solutions and Dtx experiences, offering consultancy services to optimize business impact, and navigating data journeys and innovation pathways from conceptual challenges to final products. In September 2023, Objective earned impressive recognition in the ISG Provider Lens Next Gen ADM Services Brazil 2023 report, positioning the company as a leader in the ADM (Application Development Management) quadrant for generative AI adoption and agile project development.

Elisa Polystar

We know this last one hasn't qualified as a startup for awhile, but we do think they are a great example of continuing to embrace the customer-centric, innovative startup mindset. Finnish Elisa Polystar stands out as that sort of dynamic and innovative business. In the ever-evolving landscape of telecommunications in Europe, today's networks are becoming more intricate and challenging to manage. Elisa Polystar, the international telecom software arm of Elisa, addresses this complexity by empowering networks to function autonomously. This innovative approach allows individuals to concentrate on value creation while the networks efficiently self-manage. Elisa Polystar harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, and automation to guarantee precise and efficient network operations. By integrating these advanced technologies, Elisa Polystar ensures that networks not only meet the demands of today but also adapt to the dynamic challenges of the telecommunications industry.

They are reaching a pivotal moment this year as customers continue to grow. The company boasts a robust infrastructure ensuring reliability, bolstered Net Promoter Scores (NPS), and consistent cost levels, even amidst a surge in network demand. This convergence marks a significant turning point, positioning Elisa Polystar for continued growth and influence in the telecommunications sector.

Elisa Polystar is a continued example of what is a good kind of tech company to scale in Europe, so it’s no surprise it topped this year’s list.

Looking forward in 2024

That wraps up our annual (and epic) list of startups to watch in 2024, and if this list is anything to go by, it's going to be an impressive year in the global technology market. From Fintech to marketing to earplugs, these lots to look out for. Who’s on your 2024 tech startup watchlist? 

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