Three Quick Tips to Beat the Summer Sales Slump

We are here in Europe enjoying a beautiful summer, but we aren’t seeing the usual slump in business. Today we will be offering you ways to overcome that supposed slump to find that Summer Sales aren’t just the blissful discounts we get all over retail in July and August.

Beat the heat, then beat that sales slump!

  • Don’t assume you’re in a slump before you are. We aren’t saying the Summer European Sales Slump is a myth, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a reality for you. Loads of companies — especially European ones — see the majority of staff go on holiday in August, but that’s a mistake because then they can’t service their clients as well. The employees left behind to run the business are often working to improve admin processes, making late summer the perfect time for business software sales and implementation. August is a particularly great time for building long-term sales and marketing strategies,  like lining up your international sales team.
  • Prospect. Prospect. Then prospect some more. Summer is a great time to fill the top of your funnel through advertising — try Facebook Retargeting to stay on top of mind where your prospects are most relaxed — and through networking. It’s also a great time to test out and consider new markets, including new vertical audiences and new geographical targets. A little legwork now can go miles in Autumn.
  • Reconnect with your current happy customers. Summer is a perfect time to catch up with some of your favorite fans. Ask customers for referrals that can be turned into convincing testimonials. Ask them if they know anyone that could also benefit from your product. And don’t forget to ask them what they are still struggling with — it may lead you to an upsell or it may give you an idea of your next feature, integration or strategic partnership.

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