Sales Force Partner: BGI - Deep-Tech Startup Accelerator

Established in 2010, Sales Force Europe's partner Building Global Innovators (BGI) has helped over 117 startups from all over the world raising over 110 million dollars in the process. Startups have a survival rate of 73% and jobs were created. BGI has made itself a reference in the startup ecosystem worldwide.

BGI is an American style, world-class, deep innovation accelerator born from the MIT Portugal Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative (IEI). BGI is one of the most influential accelerators worldwide and one of the top 20 accelerators in Europe.

Do you think your startup is ready for global immersion and acceleration? While Sales Force Europe can help you accelerate your sales, we are happy to introduce you to BGI if you are ready to scale your startup with bootcamps, investor meetings and more! Go ahead and email us for more information.

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