Growth With Full-Service Sales Agencies

A Sales Agency offering a full portfolio of services will help your company grow quickly with low risks and costs

As a start-up, you and your management team are able to find your first customers by networking with your contacts in your target markets. After signing your initial references, you build your sales team to find new deals and to manage relationships with existing accounts. You soon face the dilemma of generating growth while managing time and costs. This problem is particularly challenging when expanding to international markets.A specialized Sales Agency offers a practical solution to this issue, allowing you to operate at lower costs, faster time to market and reduced risks versus hiring direct. In addition, an agency’s representatives are immediately available and known entities. They are trained and selling in 1-3 months versus typically 6-12 months when hiring direct, generating revenue in 3-6 months from start, with no additional costs or legal overhead.A good agency should also be able to offer you a full spectrum of sales services in all your target markets. Successful sales are the result of different complementary sales methods including local sales representation supported by push and pull marketing programs that boost sales efficiency.

The potential markets of a sales agency

The core of your market presence is an in-country Sales Representative with a deep experience of local business and of its practices and traditions. Becoming part of your own organisation (concept of ‘in-sourcing’), such a rep executes the strategies and tactics you define, represents your company to its best advantage and resolves local problems efficiently.Senior in-country sales representatives have a solid experience and contacts in channel sales or direct sales in all major markets in across the world. A good agency should also offer sales management services and a range of sales and marketing support services.Yet, in many cases, a representative can be more effective with the help of complementary push-pull marketing programs that create or stimulate demand generation and lead generation:

  • Digital Marketing pulls potential customers towards your website, making them aware first of your existence, then of your offering and its benefits. Methods include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), targeted digital advertising and professional presence on social networks such as LinkedIN, Facebook, Google+, etc.  The execution of such programs in local language is critical to establish notoriety in international markets.
  • TeleMarketing and eMail Marketing generate qualified leads by proactively identifying sales opportunities, by creating and nurturing professional contacts until prospects are ready for a proposal, and by realizing additional revenue opportunity from existing accounts. Telemarketing can also be used for appointment setting if your product is a complex system requiring your direct involvement in the sales process.

In short, the combination of effective methods from a full spectrum of sales services allows you to eliminate most of the risks and costs associated with international expansion, to immediately start business development, and to create a strong basis for future expansion.

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