Is it better to outsource lead generation?

First consider your goals. B2B lead generation is a critical marketing component and perhaps considered to be your most important marketing goal. Creating a targeting audience and on-point prospecting is something you must keep a clear focus on, all of the time.

Your objectives are to:

  • Find an audience
  • Address that audience with targeted content
  • Know your clients and be able to offer them solutions
  • Develop long-lasting relationships and repeat customers
  • Build trust and create loyalty and brand recognition

A clear and focused lead generation strategy

Essentially a great B2B lead generation strategy is caring about casting a net to identify the right prospects, getting them interested and hooked, increasing that interest through nurturing and ultimately reeling them in.

 “It’s about caring enough to create value for customers. If you get that part right, selling is easy.” Anthony Iannarino 

All of this must be clearly strategized and put in motion and this will consume much of your time, marketing budget as well as require niche B2B tech market expertise.

Do you really have that time and experience to spare, from your existing team, especially when scaling up and breaking into a new market? Are they experienced enough to know a new market in a foreign country? The answer is usually ‘no’ on both counts. Perhaps a better option would be to outsource B2B lead generation, and so dramatically increase your chances of optimizing leads for conversion.  Is it better to outsource lead generation? Let’s take a look at why you might consider it for your tech offering.

Save time in a foreign market

Getting to a new market is a race against time. Getting there and setting up shop before the competition is vital. The end game will always be closing deals faster than your closest competitors and for that to happen you must target the right tech buyers in as little time as possible.

Collaboration with the services of an outsourced sales agency for your B2B lead generation function will ensure the creation of a fully functional localized marketing strategy — not an easy accomplishment if you’re an outsider in a new, foreign market. If it takes twelve steps of contact to turn a prospect into a sales-qualified lead (SQL), then that takes time and  you don’t have that time to waste. 

Save face in a foreign market

While you are racing headlong for that coveted first place, ensure that you don’t trip over any cultural stumbling blocks. Beware of some of these:

  • Language and getting lost in translation (it’s about much more than holding a conversation, even your branding and slogans will be under scrutiny and not everything may come across as intended.)
  • European employment laws (one continent Europe may be, but many different in-country laws and legal trip hazards.)
  • Local customs and how to do business (when to meet and greet, what’s acceptable — or more acceptable — and knowing how to do it all away from home.)

When you outsource lead generation, you are able to better communicate the right message on your behalf to the right culture via multi-channel lead generation available in 10 languages, so you can get it just right the first time.

Curbing expense and taking unknown quantities out of the equation

Saving time ultimately means cutting those all-important costs that will be better sent elsewhere. A marketing budget should be used wisely, and saving time will allow you to break into a new market and make a name for yourself and for your tech product or service, fast.

Outsourcing lead generation will begin with an agreed plan, a playbook, where you will be fully involved from the outset in the strategy to ensure a continuous supply of SQLs. You’ll be able to budget upfront, with the option to scale up or down at any point, and so know exactly how much you are spending for what return on investment. Remember that there is always the option to add sales outsourcing such as inside sales too, to complement the smoothly run B2B lead generation sales function.

Avoid the pain and strain of in-house recruitment

Think you can go it alone? Maybe so, but keeping lead generation in-house means that you will have to hire, train, and pay and that doesn’t come cheap. Noting that , as well as that effective training can take as long as a year, and there is still the cost of overhead to consider according to HubSpot

Recruiting in-house always takes time (that you don’t have) and is expensive. The steps are lengthy and will need to be repeated until you find the right people for the job. LinkedIn searches, communication, job descriptions — they all take ages to compile and roll out. YOu will have to wait for responses before you can take each step forward. The time of a HR consultant or outside agency, that adds to the cost. Then there’s the interview stage, which may take up to three meetings to determine if the prospective employee is the right fit. Then reference-checking, the making and agreeing of contracts, salary discussions, commission deals. Knowledge of employment law in the chosen country too, GDPR and all the local laws that are there to protect employees. 

It doesn’t guarantee the right results, either. If you end up with a bad hire, then you might be landed with a disgruntled ex-employee with a penchant for social media gossip. That’s damaging to your business and your brand.

Remove that risk with qualified and reliable outsourced lead generation. Researchers, content specialists, sales development representatives, or an account director to oversee everything and report back to you. All qualified, all experienced, all tried and trusted. 

Getting the lead generation job done

Outsourcing lead generation will do the job for you, and/or enhance your existing team effort. Remember that you will be teaming up with them, they’re not taking over. But, it’s crucial that you also choose the right-fit sales outsourcing agency to collaborate with, in the first place. 

We have shown how you will save time, curb expenses, and avoid the pain of hiring staff in-house by using the services of a reputable outsourced sales agency. This all adds up to real value, and demonstrates why it’s wise to at least consider, and perhaps is better to outsource lead generation.

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