Lead Generation in the U.K.

Amidst both Brexit and the recession's effects on the tech industry, what are B2B lead generation chances in the U.K.? Given that London is still the startup hub in the country, it's crucial to identify which lead generation strategies can yield the most effective results for B2B lead generation in this region. 

The unfortunate closure of Tech Nation in January has highlighted the importance of both tech investment and visa regulations in attracting talented tech workers from across the globe to drive lead generation in the U.K. Outsourcing partners are in greater demand to facilitate the launch of tech companies immediately in the U.K. Expanding into the U.K. becomes more manageable with the right partnerships. 

Delve deeper into expanding your start-up in the U.K. with the expertise of our CRO Gavin Page and our U.K. telco expert Nigel Pollard, who have each accumulated 30 years of experience in European lead generation and can offer you valuable insights. Moreover, Gavin and our CEO Rick Pizzoli have experience advising London & Partners, a business growth and destination agency, in creating economic growth.

Why the U.K. to kick off your European Expansion?

Why does lead generation in the U.K. continue to be a slam dunk? Let’s talk about evergreen reasons to continue to target the U.K. for tech sales.

London serves as a cultural hub for lead generation, vitally eliminating language barriers that pose challenges for B2B lead generation in other regions. The U.K.'s capital city presents a receptive environment for you to seek and establish your tech startup.

Despite the macroeconomic effects of the post-COVID world and the conflict in Ukraine, the tech market in the UK continues to hold a robust position according to Gavin. Notably, there has been a substantial influx of venture capital investment (VC), doubling France and Germany combined. This indicates that there is significant investor confidence in the U.K. tech industry, which can provide your business with access to capital, expertise, and networking opportunities.

Finances! The U.K.’s low business tax rate of 19% is currently the lowest among all G20 countries. Additionally, despite economic concerns surrounding Brexit, the U.K. economy has continued to grow, with the pound's strength expected to further increase. Expanding your tech business into this financially sound market is a good opportunity for lead generation and growth. 

As a result of the pandemic, there has been a shift towards a more blended work model, with employees working both in the office and at home. This new way of hybrid working has provided an advantage to technology companies, who were already familiar with working in a blended home office model, Gavin pointed out. The U.K. has seen a development in stronger models for measuring individual performance and holding individuals more accountable for their actions and KPIs. This has only made good lead generation teams more successful, as they have the right sales coaching and metrics in place, which continue to drive success, no matter where they’re working.

When it comes down to it, the U.K. is your safest bet — it continues to be Europe’s biggest tech market.

Markets that are ripe for U.K. investment

There are certain tech verticals that the U.K. is particularly receptive of.

Expanding a tech business into the U.K. can be a strategic move, particularly for those involved in Greentech. U.K. Tech News explains how the U.K. government's investment of £65 million in this sector presents a profitable opportunity for tech companies to tap into one of Europe's fastest-growing industries and establish themselves as leaders in this vertical. 

With the move away from fossil fuels following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, there has been an increasing adoption of Greentech, making it a profitable industry with immense potential. Therefore, expanding in the U.K. can enable Greentech start-up's strong B2B lead generation and drive growth in this region. Specifically, anything that can measure carbon footprint has an apt British audience.

Cybersecurity is another area with a strong British buyers’ market. With attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, all industries are eager for cybersecurity solutions.

The U.K. is also an evergreen market for marketing tools, financial services and fintech, and mobile and telecommunications.

With the right lead generation strategy, you can attract the right British prospects.

What’s different about lead generation in the U.K.?

According to Gavin, lead generation in the U.K. is a highly competitive market due to the prevalence of existing software solutions. As he puts it, "We’re not a greenfield site for a lot of software tech solutions. People have already got solutions in place, maybe the solution you’re bringing to market improves the current situation or replaces what they’ve got in [or] consolidates several solutions that are there.”

As a result, the cost of switching to a new solution will impact lead generation in the U.K. Amid the pending recession, tech startups must clearly communicate their unique selling point (USP) and demonstrate a clear payback to their customers. Gavin emphasizes the importance of showing how their solution can increase sales, reduce costs, or achieve both objectives.

How to Expand into London

Expanding your business into London can provide immense opportunities for growth, especially when it comes to B2B lead generation in the U.K. However, to achieve success in this new market, it's essential to have a strong lead generation strategy in place. Successful B2B lead gen tactics include:

  • Multi-channel approach - In the wake of COVID-19, digital and social selling has become vital for forging strong B2B connections. Businesses that embraced digital channels experienced remarkable growth while also fostering relationships. Rather than depending solely on Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), they have Business Development Representatives (BDRs) warming leads across social media, newsletters, inbound marketing campaigns and more. 
  • Localize your offerings - To streamline your lead generation process, it's a good idea to tailor your offerings to the local market. Since Brits tend to be reserved initially, establishing a connection with nearby B2Bs can help. It's crucial to identify that USP and understand what distinguishes your company from others to attract and retain UK leads.
  • Building trust – As sales cycles increase and businesses take more time to consider their ROI, patience in building trust is essential to building relationships for B2B lead generation. Nigel explains how perseverance is a component of success with clients and customers.
  • Focus on your route to profit – Gavin highlights the current trend in VC investment, where investors are more interested in a solid plan for profitability rather than just an idea. How can your costs be covered? How are you going to move from the position that you’re in? Proof points of your sales development are essential to getting the investors on board.

Lead generation strategies 

Lead Fuze compiled a strategic list of the most effective platforms for outsourcing leads in the U.K. According to their research, email campaigns and LinkedIn are the most dependable sources for lead generation in the U.K. and should therefore be considered when deciding which platforms to use for expanding your start-up into Great Britain. Check out the full recipe for multichannel lead generation in the U.K.:

  1. Emailing 
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Organic social
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Telemarketing
  6. Webinars
  7. Pay per click (PPC)
  8. Social Ads
  9. Direct mail
  10. Sponsorship
  11. Press Ads

So, it’s clear that the U.K. is an attractive destination for expanding your tech startup and boosting your B2B lead generation chances. The country's low business tax rate, financial position within the tech industry, and culturally receptive environment make it a profitable market to invest in. 

Although the competition is high due to the prevalence of existing software solutions, the U.K. tech industry has demonstrated resilience and remains a hub for startups. 

To expand into London, businesses must adopt a multi-channel approach, tailor their offerings to the local market, and build trust with their potential customers. Working with established lead generation agencies like Sales Force Europe is crucial to achieving international success and maintaining a competitive edge. Overall, with the right lead generation strategies, expanding your tech business into the U.K. can lead to more deals closed and long-term growth across Europe.

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