See you at #MWC23 next week?

We are thrilled that MWC Barcelona is back next week! The world’s most influential connectivity event will be Monday February 27, 2023 through Thursday March 2, 2023 and our team will be there to learn about our open future and to meet with those on the cutting edge of 5G, Digital Everything, FinTech, OpenNet and Reality. This annual trade show organized by GSMA is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry with tens of thousands of senior industry decision makers. 

It’s a big event. Huge even. With over 80,000 attendees and more than 2,000 exhibitors, the two seemingly endless halls might seem overwhelming. With at least a dozen MWC events under our belts, we thought we’d reflect on the themes of #MWC23 and offer some highlights that we are looking forward to. Hopefully we will see you there!

Sales Force Europe has been helping tech companies scale in Europe for 20 years now, but it never ceases to amaze us how fast technology changes and evolves. One of these areas is in 5G, which is a value enabler across the whole connected ecosystem, unlocking data and insights like never before. What’s extraordinary, as MWC is always on the cutting edge, it won’t just look to 5G and the large startup ecosystem that’s grown around it, but will show off success cases like Fixed Wireless Access, and even look to the future of 6G and quantum computing. And, of course, with Europe’s eyes consistently on the 2030 sustainable development goals, this year’s MWC will reflect on how 5G networks can reduce their overall carbon footprint and help support a circular economy.  

This will be the first year that MWC makes Web 3.0, the metaverse and immersive technology, a core theme in its Reality+ track. While this of course ties back to the 5G enabling this so-called extended reality, MWC this year will go beyond it, hosting fascinating conversations around ethics and the soon-to-be completely changed customer experience.

Europe is at the forefront of Open Banking and Open API initiatives, which is why it’s not surprising this year’s event has a whole track focused on OpenNet, encouraging mobile networks to embrace the innovation accelerators that are open ecosystems. But how can networks leverage open access to become more agile and futureproof, while maintaining security and performance levels? The Open API is the key to unlocking 5G, the Internet of things, the Edge and Cloud capabilities — but how can it be done right? Certainly this theme will bring together business and technical stakeholders over this important discussion. 

We consistently have FinTech clients doing well across Europe — because it’s at the forefront of financial services innovation. Where is it headed next? The MWC FinTech track will go beyond Open Banking and Mobile Banking, and explore the next gen of finance — NFTs (non-fungible tokens), cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, all delivered over these mobile networks. It will not only introduce these topics within the telco and mobile context, but explore how they all fit into the constant innovation around fraud detection and digital payments.

And, of course, the reason GSMA changed their flagship event’s name from Mobile World Congress a few years ago — Digital Everything. It’s not just about mobile networks or 5G anymore — although they do enable innovation across industries. It’s about Industry 4.0 and continued digital transformation within enterprises. Smart cities and self-driving cars. Combining real and digital worlds. And, again, how do we do so much more with less resources? The green theme necessarily underscores all the conversations at MWC 2023.

One of the traditions of MWC Barcelona we are always most excited for is actually a short bus ride away from the main event — and with a chiller vibe (more t-shirts, less suits) than the big show. 4YFN — named for the near-future of four years from now — is the annual event that brings tech startups, investors and companies together. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day, meeting with more than 700 digital startups on the verge of becoming scale-ups, hoping to access some of the €26 billion in available investment. Just check out the 2023 50 FYFN Awards finalists to see the caliber of innovation and dedication. Bonus is it’s just a short walk to the Barcelona beach.

Last but not least, MWC is an event to learn and network. The event itself quips that it’s 12 months of lead generation in four days. Be sure to take advantage of all the moments to network within the halls and in gorgeous sunny spots outside. There are many ways to network, plus visit booths. And don’t forget to take advantage of the MWC23 app which even includes matchmaking with similarly minded tech leaders and investors — for the days of the event and LinkedIn after. 

So, are you attending MWC Barcelona next week too? Let’s set up a time to meet. Connect with Rick our CEO,, +34 659 449 202.

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