Sales Force Europe Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Sales Force Europe was founded by Rick Pizzoli on the 3rd December 2003. In ten years we have relentlessly expanded organically, from the core of Western Europe to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, with over 20 Clients currently under management. Since 2003, we have constantly refined our in-sourcing approach; improved our engagement processes; added new sales services such as lead generation; and served over 100 Clients from the USA, Europe and Asia.

Today we have over 50 active sales and marketing professionals who help high-tech companies to launch, develop and expand their international business in market sectors such as Cloud/SaaS, Mobile Apps, Social, Security, Networking, Telco and Consumer Electronics.Our plan for the immediate future is to move into new territories when required; add new sales representatives combining industry knowledge, sales and marketing expertise and operational experience; and expand into new sectors such as Smart Cities, Energy and Aviation.

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