Telecom Council: Sales Force Europe Partners With Telecom Council to Expand Global Membership”

After years of informal collaboration, Sales Force Europe has become an official member of Telecom Council of Silicon Valley and will be leading the global expansion of its membership. Telecom Council is an esteemed group of more than 100 top telco carriers, venture capitalists and telecom infrastructure companies. Because of our extensive relationships with telco service providers and start-ups throughout Europe, Telecom Council approached Sales Force Europe with the idea that we can help them expand their global reach, global membership base, and global influence.

Telecom Council hosts 40+ members-only meetings per year in partnership with heavy-weights like Intel, Verizon, docomo, Ericsson, Oracle, Nokia, Marvel, etc. If you find yourself in Silicon Valley and want to attend, contact us and we’ll get you a complimentary guest pass. Sales Force Europe also will be helping to scout for the most interesting new startups around the world that may want to present their technologies to the Telecom Council audience, and our executives will be sharing their international channel and sales expertise with the membership.

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