Three Things to Know Before Your Tech Business Is Ready to Expand to New Markets

You know your niche.

Europe is about 50 different countries with almost as many languages and probably more cultures. Europe is not a singular target. Perhaps your CRM is doing amazing things for recruitment and HR or maybe your middleware is rocking American telecoms. These use cases and testimonials provide you will compelling reasons to target similar verticals in one or two countries.

You know where you’re headed.

London is big and has the same language, so that’s an obvious choice, right? Nope. These are one of the reasons London is an oversaturated market. As you consider making a push for another country or continent, really get to know your current user base, and then where are your website and app traffic coming from. Then get to know your competition. Where are they? Where are they not? Is there an app just like yours with a 90 percent market share in South Africa? You want to skip launching there next.

You know the local business culture.

Finally escaping the financial crisis, the Southern European countries are ripe for more tool adoption, however they aren’t the best at English. And the language barriers go beyond that. Mediterranean countries find “least expensive” and “saves money” excellent selling points, while the lands of Volvo and BMW aren’t looking for the cheapest route to anything; they want proven track records, security and stability, so lead with your testimonials and big-name brands in marketing to them.Now you can hire full-time boots on the ground, but that takes money, local recruiters, and so much time to get up and running. If you use a service like Sales Force Europe, you get experienced locals that are already selling SaaS in the area, who can accomplish a lot more out of their cultural knowledge and professional network in just a couple days a week.

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