18 Sales Outsourcing Gurus to Follow on LinkedIn

Are you ready to channel your inner sales guru?

In tech, you have to always be on top of your game. You are perhaps considering sales outsourcing as a way to quickly maximize and continue to expand on your company’s sales success, and want insider knowledge from the big players and high rollers to make use of any available expertise. Take advantage of some free advice. Your own connections are the low-hanging fruit. A case of not what you know, but who. Your success strategy should include knowing the inside tactics and techniques of the best names in the industry. Gain a competitive advantage in the market by staying abreast of current trends and news and keep your industry connections fresh. At your fingertips, LinkedIn — the professional networking site with over 740 million members worldwide — is a huge database of useful contacts consisting of close first connections and those one or more steps — second, third, and so on.

Where should you start?  You may like to take note of our hand-picked list of sales outsourcing gurus to follow on LinkedIn.

Richard Young, regional vice president of sales for the verticals team at Salesforce. 

Motivational and inspiring, Richard leads a team of high-performing individuals helping social housing and social services reach their goals. From his received recommendations on LinkedIn, Richard is shown to be phenomenal at building long-lasting customer relationships and understanding of how to sell value to a customer, and has decades of experience in the CRM space to share insights on.

Andrew Lee Miller, early-stage startup marketing coach and author.

Andrew was a recent recipient of one of the Remote Influencers of 2021 by Remote.com for the second year in a row. And you can grab a copy of his The Startup Growth Book, as well as follow him for tips. He has created an affordable system for bootstrapped SaaS startups to scale using online courses, and weekly private marketing sessions where he leads the conversation.

Gino Wickman, entrepreneur, author, speaker and teacher. 

Gino helps entrepreneurs and leaders maximize their freedom, creativity, and impact. Through his books and speeches, he really resonates with his audience, coming highly recommended for speaking engagements, business transformation efforts, education, and mentorship. He’s a true visionary with standout communication skills, useful for anyone who wants to achieve their maximum entrepreneurial potential. Anyway, all startup founders are sellers and all good sellers have an entrepreneurial spirit, anyway, don’t they?!

Judy Rees, consultant and flexible working guru with Rees McCann

“What if we could bring great minds together to collaborate, share and learn, without the costs and hassles of travel? What if your conferences, workshops, and meetings could be both remote/online/virtual AND excellent?” asks Judy. She is essentially an idea-connector, a people connector, a collaborator, a facilitator, and coach, who helps you take on the challenge of managing hybrid teams. In her own words “Hacking horrible hybrid meetings [and] facilitating creative, high-quality interaction, especially with distributed teams.” Why is Judy on a sales list? All sales teams are inherently distributed and hybrid and international sales management looks at this as an advantage.

Rick Pizzoli, founder and CEO, Sales Force Europe

How could we resist including him? After all, Rick has been running this successful sales outsourcing agency since 2003, helping over 400 tech companies scale across Europe. For success in sales outsourcing, you need the right services and experts who sell fast, from a mix of in-country contacts, culture, tech skills and business-savvy hunters. Sales Force Europe is now the largest and most established technology business development team in Europe. He’s also a tech startup mentor, with loads of advice to share, especially after more than 25 years expanding teams via international sales.

Greg Dunne, managing partner at SFE Partners

Just like with Salesforce.com we should probably say no relation in name — hey, we’re all salesforce-focused! But SFE Partners is one of our partners. They help hundreds of companies build, test, and implement scalable sales strategies in North America, with services targeting startups through to large corporations, for predictable and sustainable revenue streams. Greg says he is motivated and challenged daily by the world-class team of sales professionals at SFE Partners. By using objective sales data and market feedback, Greg and his team can determine the ideal strategy, messaging, tools, metrics, and enablement programs to maximize revenue growth for their clients.

Definitely check out the conversation Greg and Rick recently had on How to Scale Your Startup Past Founder-Led Sales.

Yefim Nivoro, CEO at Globetek Media LLC, Telglobe Services LLC, and board member at BergmanTaylor

Miami-based Yefim is next on our list. With more than 21 years of experience in the telecommunications and software industries, including being our LATAM partner, he has extensive global experience and is the founder of two successful consulting firms. Yefim Nivoro is also a keynote speaker, author, educator and startup advisor. He not only shares lessons on LinkedIn, but is very supportive of his connections.

Aaron Ross, sales advisor, best-selling SaaS author, and board member

Aaron is the author of From Impossible To Inevitable (with SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin) the number one best-selling SaaS book, and of Predictable Revenue, about sales systems that helped Salesforce.com, Twilio, Zuora and other companies create billions. “If you want to build the sales machine that produces sustainable growth and results as Aaron did at Salesforce.com, you must have repeatable marketing and sales systems and processes, and the understanding of what drives your business and creates predictably,” wrote one of the recommendations from Aaron’s connections. Catch Aaron speaking at SaaSiest 2022 in Malmö on April 20-21 arranged by SaaS Nordic.

Definitely check out Aaron and Rick’s conversation from last year about How to Generate Predictable Revenue.

Neil Patel, founder of NP Digital and New York Times bestselling author. 

None other than The Wall Street Journal has named Neal as a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur magazine says he’s created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations. Most importantly to you though is that he shares brief but really engaging content on LinkedIn that you can always learn something from. One of his latest LinkedIn posts makes the point that every good sales representative should have ingrained into their DNA that good marketing isn’t always about having the best copy or creative, it’s about having an amazing product or service and convincing people to understand why it’s the best. And he’s an endless example of how to flawlessly present yourself to the world in a persuasive way.

Jeff Harsh, president at Concept Services 

We have included Jeff, a certified Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google professional with over 10 years of experience across the platforms because of his skills ranging across a wide variety of industries from entrepreneurial startups to billion-dollar public companies. Jeff has been described as “a superb leader in every sense of the word. His ability to think outside of the box to put forth action is second to none. The process execution within him and his plans are flawless.” Jeff thoroughly examines the top considerations when outsourcing sales development.

Eric Quanstrum, CMO at Cience Technologies

Eric is a startup executive with an entrepreneurial mindset. With expertise in brand-building, sales, sales development, lead generation, social media and business planning we think he is more than worthy of inclusion in this list. In his received recommendations on LinkedIn, Eric is described as “an astute strategist and has a wealth of business acumen. He can think through broad-ranging strategic decisions then quickly switch gears and go deep into operating numbers”. Recently, he shared his opinion on lead generation trends with Forbes.

We feel compelled to add our own highly successful experts at Sales Force Europe into the mix of sales outsourcing gurus to follow on LinkedIn. They include:

Gavin Page, our CRO, who works with VCs and accelerators advising startups and mid-tier software companies to scale sales operations. Recommendations received include Gavin’s pragmatic approach to managing clients and their sales growth — structured, hands-on, and leading from the front. 

Yves de Beauregard, our France country manager, is very customer-centric and focused, which is reinforced by his belief that the three success factors to scale-ups in a new country are: cultural acumen, powerful networks and the personification of local efficient executives. Yves is very active on LinkedIn and shares fantastic content specifically on the French SaaS market.

Petri Rinne, our advisor for the Nordics, comes with a track record of more than 25 years of hands-on experience in internationalization, channel strategies, business development, technology partnerships, sales management and market penetration strategies. Recently, Petri updated his successful blogpost on B2B omnichannel sales, additionally noting that: 

  • Omnichannel definitively is here
  • Demand for experienced inside sales professionals is increasing
  • Size of deals closed remotely is going up
  • Partnerships are becoming more popular
  • Data is used in B2B sales as never before

Follow Petri for great sales tips via blog posts from his agency page.

Stefano Barbieri, our Italy country manager, has again a customer-focused mentality and an enthusiasm for building strong relationships and his specialties include business development, digital marketing, solution selling, channel management and customer/partner management. Having managed technical sales teams in Italy since 1997, Stefano has a unique grasp of the Italian tech market with an exceptional cross-country network. 

Uri Kesselman is our Madrid-based regional partner. His business acumen helps others to see the value beyond the proposals, and he excels in building and maintaining relationships, essential traits to look for in sales gurus to follow on LinkedIn.

Chris Friend, our business development director based in London, possesses over 20 years of international senior management experience gained in the technology sector, he considers himself to have hands-on experience of managing sales, marketing, finance, tech support, and software development teams and to have a natural ability to switch between operational detail and strategic thinking.

Tim Perlerin is an industry expert based in Madrid and worth following to ensure the delivery of data-centric B2B lead generation processes. He has international experience and multi-tasks with team and project management as well as sales and marketing. His company BNZSA is an essential partner for our B2B lead generation services.

Are you ready to keep growing your connections with these sales outsourcing influencers? And don’t forget to use the tech-related groups to share meaningful discussions. Hubspot notes that the trend in social media moves toward more intentional, self-selected communities. Something we follow ourselves in our multi-channel lead generation. Sweep aside the spam and self-promotional posts and interact with value, discover ample opportunities, and connect and build relationships with potential prospects and industry greats, starting with our list of sales outsourcing gurus to follow on LinkedIn!

Who would YOU add to the list? Maybe you'll be on our next one!

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