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Sales Force Europe is a specialized business development service in Europe that helps you grow your tech company throughout the continent. We ensure you hit the European market running by getting your business operational within a month.

You benefit from the experienced regional sales managers and representatives who use knowledge of their home markets to generate leads and adapt strategies that maximize opportunities and minimize risk.

How To Build Your International Go-To-Market Strategy

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How business development services can propel your tech expansion in Europe

Outsourcing business development in Europe enables you to focus on your core business while a team of professionals in business expansion quickly and smoothly lays the foundations for your business.

Our range of services includes an international sales strategy, B2B lead generation, tech sales representatives, field sales and channel sales outsourcing, and regional sales management and support.

These facilitate international relationship building, increased revenue, promoting your brand, attracting investors, and creating opportunities for further expansion.

How we do it: Sales Force Europe's innovative approach

Sales Force Europe, is the most established business development outsourcing company in Europe, is well-positioned to manage the European expansion process so that all these traps and pitfalls are avoided. We provide four core services for our clients.

International sales strategy

Our seasoned senior agents will work closely with your key teammates to map out and evaluate your current marketing, sales, and positioning strategies. Based on this evaluation, we collaborate to create a tailored and repeatable international sales strategy that will enable you to penetrate new European markets.

To ensure that your sales plan is optimized for success, we undertake a comprehensive analysis of your European competitors. This process enables us to identify any challenges, gaps, or bottlenecks that may impede your ability to capture market share. Our team is committed to delivering insights and recommendations that will help you achieve your global expansion goals with confidence.

Our dedication to delivering exceptional results is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in leveraging our expertise and experience to help our clients achieve sustainable growth in new international markets.

Multi-channel lead generation and inside sales

At our company, we recognize the importance of personalized, multi-channel B2B lead generation. Our approach ensures that only high-quality European leads are presented to your field sales representatives. We pride ourselves on delivering predictable and repeatable revenue for our clients.

As decision-makers in the tech industry are constantly evolving, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve. We understand the importance of connecting you with real tech buyers. Our localized, multi-channel outreach ensures that you remain top-of-mind with your prospects, which is critical in today's competitive landscape.

European sales outsourcing

Unlike traditional approaches, we offer a tailored solution that allows you to draft your best sales team from our pool of over 100 active sales representatives.

Our sales representatives have over a decade of experience selling tech products in Europe and are skilled in field sales and channel sales management.

We pride ourselves on transparency and keeping you informed every step of the way. All of our sales representatives will report directly to you through your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, with the added support of our European regional sales management.

At our core, we strive to provide exceptional service and results. With our unique approach to sales outsourcing, we can help your business grow and succeed.

Regional business development management

Effective sales territory planning is essential for success, especially if you seek to expand into new vertical or geographical markets. Regional business development management is critical in optimizing sales performance, whether at the individual sales representative level. Our approach enables you to effectively service specific geographical regions, verticals, or even larger accounts.

At the core of sales territory management is a comprehensive understanding of your local sales representatives. This approach empowers you to leverage the strengths and expertise of your sales team to maximize performance and achieve sustainable growth in your target markets.

We have regional sales and management hubs across Europe, including Paris, Milan, Munich, Vienna, Geneva, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Helsinki, Stockholm, Istanbul, Amsterdam, and Prague.

Types of innovative business development services

Sales Force Europe prides itself on its uniquely tailored business development services that help all types of tech businesses and SaaS providers expand into different countries in Europe. Our innovative solutions include the following:

B2B lead generation

At Sales Force Europe, we are revolutionizing how B2B lead generation services operate. Our approach is designed to enable you to effectively target the right tech buyers and close deals faster, ensuring your business remains competitive and thriving in today's dynamic marketplace.

Our qualified B2B lead generation strategy and specialized inside sales team work diligently to get you in front of new prospects and accelerate the closing process. We leverage localized content marketing and advanced B2B lead generation tactics to ensure that you engage with the right potential customers and drive them into your European sales funnel.

European sales outsourcing

At Sales Force Europe, we offer a comprehensive SaaS solution designed to help you achieve faster, more effective sales outcomes with reduced risk. With our smart European go-to-market team and exceptional sales outsourcing capabilities managed at the local level, we empower you to stand out and succeed in your target markets.

Our sales outsourcing approach is designed to offer full-service coverage for your specific tech offering, leveraging highly experienced field sales representatives, channel sales networks in your vertical, and inside sales, all under our expert European sales management.

Our effective approach ensures you can quickly penetrate new markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities while minimizing risk and maximizing ROI.

European expansion strategy

Planning is essential to a successful European expansion strategy. We work with you to create an expansion plan that is weighed against your competitors to identify the areas that need adjusting for the specific market.

We provide recommendations using this information and other important factors, like your unique sales position, existing sales processes, and customer feedback.

Market analysis

We offer a comprehensive suite of market analysis services designed to help you make informed decisions and optimize your sales potential before investing in expensive resources and time.

Our market analysis delivers a country-by-country business justification, including an assessment of market size, growth potential, competitive landscape, and customer needs.

In addition to market analysis, we can also assist with product roadmap development, go to market strategy and pricing strategies, helping you to effectively position your product or service in the target market.

Take the first step to your tech business expansion today!

Our team of B2B lead generation specialists and expert tech sales agents will help you capture your target market in your chosen country or countries in Europe.

When you feel ready to expand your business into Europe, contact Sales Force Europe today for a consultation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between sales and business development?

Sales and business development are two closely related but distinct activities. Sales typically refer to the process of closing deals and generating revenue, while business development encompasses a broader range of activities focused on expanding a business's reach and identifying new opportunities for growth. This can include activities such as market research, lead generation, strategic partnerships, and product development.

At Sales Force Europe, our team offers both sales outsourcing and business development services to help B2B technology companies expand their sales efforts in Europe.

What is the difference between an SDR (Sales Development Rep) and BDR (Business Development Rep)?

While both SDRs and BDRs work in an office or remote setting, their primary focus and responsibilities are different. SDRs manage inbound leads and prioritize lead qualification, while BDRs proactively reach out to potential clients and create new business opportunities through outbound campaigns.

In an office or home-based team setting, an SDR typically receives, qualifies, and sets meetings with inbound leads. On the other hand, a BDR in an office or remote setting is responsible for running an active outbound campaign based on a database of the ideal customer profile (ICP) leveraging a strong tech stack and multi channel outreach of calling, email, and social selling.

Who should use your business development services?

Our business development services are particularly beneficial for B2B technology companies that are looking to enter the European market for the first time or are struggling to achieve their sales goals. Sales Force Europe provides specialized services to SaaS companies, specifically in the Telco, FinTech, Cybersecurity, Martech, and Greentech spaces.

How will I benefit from business development services?

Creates vital connections - Building relationships is a crucial step in the business development process, whether it is for recruiting new employees, connecting with possible partners, or courting clients. A skilled company developer can focus on the connections that require the greatest care.

Making connections with customers, coworkers, and other people in one's network can be crucial for seeing new business prospects, generating leads, and making crucial hiring. Additionally, fostering existing connections will encourage repeat business or offer a chance to develop internal talent. This is a crucial tactic for increasing revenue and cutting expenses.

Increases sales and cutting expenses - The goal of business development is growth, and the bottom line is one of the most popular indicators for gauging that growth. Developing ways to improve the amount of money that an organization receives while ensuring less money is lost is essential to the company development process.An organization can determine which markets and products have the most profit potential and which deals to pursue first by concentrating on business development. Making decisions that reduce expenses and identify potential growth areas as well as the resources required to support such expansion, are all part of business development.

Strengthens business reputation - A business developer can assist an organization in developing a stronger brand because marketing is essential to a company's growth. A business developer might collaborate closely with the marketing department to create campaigns that expand the company's target market and attract new clients.

Understanding the inner workings of a company's products and services, as well as its consumers, is a key component of business development. Business development executives can utilize these findings to help drive the creation of new marketing campaigns that point prospective clients in the direction of goods and services that may be of use to them.

Makes it easier to expand - A profitable growth strategy may involve expanding into new markets, and business development requires keeping abreast of opportunities and trends in the marketplace. A business developer can discover strategies to enter these markets and access new consumer segments by examining demographics and customer data.

What are the responsibilities of a European business development specialist?

The responsibilities of a European business development specialist include identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, building strategic partnerships, conducting market research, and developing sales strategies that align with the company's growth objectives. This includes finding new business prospects and clients for it as well as new goods, services, and business lines.

What should I look for in a business development service?

Understanding the inner workings of a company's products and services, as well as its consumers, is a key component of business development. Business development executives can utilize these findings to help drive the creation of new marketing campaigns that point prospective clients in the direction of goods and services that may be of use to them.


What is the difference between sales and business development?
What is the difference between an SDR (Sales Development Rep) and BDR (Business Development Rep)?
Who should use your business development services?
How will I benefit from business development services?
What are the responsibilities of a European business development specialist?
What should I look for in a business development service?

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